Northern California Racehorse Re-Education Alliance

Welcome to NCRR!

Created by a small group of horse women in Northern California, NCRR combines passion and a wealth of different backgrounds to help racehorses transition from the track to successful careers in multiple disciplines.

With our experience and background, we have the skill-set to help a horse move successfully from the track. We share our knowledge and experience with horse and owner in a safe and individually paced, one-on-one forum with the focus always on fostering the bond between horse and human to the benefit of all–regardless of discipline.

You can read all of our blog entries by viewing the side bar which has a list of our archives and also the latest blog posts.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to NCRR!

  1. Joy Drennen on said:

    For some unknown reason, I can’t get on the “Follow” list. Don’t even get a email back saying I’m on the list. Jessica’s mom.

  2. Hi Jessica’s mom! You should see a box above the ‘follow’ button, where you will be able to enter in your email address. Once you click ‘follow’ you should receive an email where you will need to confirm your subscription. Hope that helps!

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