Northern California Racehorse Re-Education Alliance

Paris gets a little energy work

Paris is doing very well at Karen’s–loving Bobby, getting walked by Keri regularly, having her paddock cleaned by Katie. In other words, living the good horse life.

Paris going into the zone

The other day, she even got some energy work, donated by Michelle Buegeleisen. It was apparently a little hard to get Paris to agree (I missed this part), but by the time I arrived, the lip was drooping and the eye was nearly closed.

Horses are physical animals and they use touch to soothe one another all the time. It is, however, sometimes very difficult for them to succumb to the same treatment from their human companions. That, of course, has to do with trust and history–just like those of us with our own baggage.

Yes, I believe horses come with baggage sometimes, too. Lena does not have much baggage. She is convinced everyone loves her and will always be kind to her–it’s how she was raised. Bar, on the other hand, had a little baggage. This is never more evident than when you do body work on them.

Massaging Lena very quickly leads to snoring. Massaging Bar is often a contact sport. Grooming used to be a contact sport, but he’s relaxed about it now–it just took time and patience and a belief I really wasn’t trying to get him ready for something terrible.

Paris may also have some baggage, and if so, she let some of it go the other day. It was amazing to see it happen.

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