Northern California Racehorse Re-Education Alliance


NCRR (Northern California Racehorse Re-Education) Alliance is a group of people passionate (and we do mean that) about the versatility of OTTBs (Off-Track Thoroughbreds).

We believe that a Thoroughbred racehorse can come off the track and transition into a new career in almost any discipline–in fact, we’ve seen it and done it ourselves. Our group has ridden Thoroughbreds on the track, in the show ring, on the trails and most everywhere else. They are smart, athletic and already know how to go forward. They don’t always know things other six-year old horses know, and that’s part of the joy of owning one–teaching them their next job.

It takes a little time and patience but as all of us know by now, once you have the heart of a Thoroughbred, you have it for life.

Our team consists of riders in all disciplines and at all levels–from beginner to advanced. Besides our riding and the real-world experience we can all share, we each come with a little extra. Karen has been doing massage and body work for over 15 years and is always looking for ways to improve the lives of all horses. Keri does design and artwork (including our logo), as well as writing for this blog and her own blog. Katie brings shelter and rescue experience and a willingness to dance around newly off-track horses as they rehab. Devon is our on-the-track warrior, training her own horses while helping us reach out to other trainers on the track for horses in need; Jessica writes and makes connections that help us grow our reach and spread the love of OTTBs far and wide.

We welcome you to our website and our journey!

The support we all get from our friends and family (too many to list) is invaluable and they are appreciated more than we could ever say.





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