Northern California Racehorse Re-Education Alliance

NCRR Horses

Each of us at NCRR has our own OTTB–some of us even have more than one and one of us still has a couple on the track.

Karen’s 20-year old colt, Bobby came to her with injuries and what we affectionately call “baggage.” She got him fit and taught him Dressage and she says he became her greatest teacher:

Bobby in the background with his love, Queen of Paris

Devon has four retired racehorses at home and three currently in training or running at Golden Gate Fields. Here she is with her “big boy” Milazzo.

Milazzo and Devon — a love story

Keri has had two OTTBs, Ink and now Reason. She lost Ink in 2010 and found Reason shortly thereafter–everything happens for a Reason. (Both images from Keri’s blog, Diligent Horse.)


Keri and Reason on his first trail outing after the track









Katie has gone the western route with her OTTB, Forrest View. Forrest was what the racetrackers called “non-competitive,” but has turned into a fantastic trail horse and is perfecting his sliding stop and has just been started on barrels.

Forrest the Western OTTB

Jessica started out riding a spotty cow horse named Lena, blogging about it, and then falling head over heels for a dark brown OTTB named Calabar. Her blog, Spotty Horse News, has had a lot more content about Thoroughbreds of late and Lena says it might be nice to have some spotty love again.

The brown muse with the spotty muse who started it all


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